Manufacture own brand of cigarettes
Manufacture own brand of cigarettes
“Pure”, Shisha tobacco and coconut charcoal

We launched our first brand of cigarette in 2003. Pure Cigarettes are of similar size and feel compared to conventional cigarettes. They are lightweight and offer a more realistic experience.

Pure cigarettes contain a solution containing nicotine, which is manufactured using the highest quality ingredients including pharmaceutical grade nicotine, it is tested and approved by the Royal Scientific Society (UK) and the Mark is registered in the Ministry of Economy & Commerce (UAE).

Our business isn’t about getting more people to smoke, or encouraging those that do smoke to smoke more. It’s about really understanding and meeting the different profiles and preferences of adult smokers. We do this by investing in our brands and our people and through product innovations.

We have earned a dominant position in the market as a manufacturer, exporter, supplier and distributor of high grade Charcoal, Coal, Activated Charcoal, Hard Coke, and many more. These products are unadulterated and thus highly effective. We also nurture a widespread distribution network that helps us in serving our products to worldwide market.